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Scan bran challenge day 4

6 Oct

I wasn’t really looking forward to scan branning it up on a Saturday, so I decided to make things as simple as I could on myself. I made a batch of basic scan bran cake mix, cooked it in a silicone muffin tray and munched on the little cakes throughout the day whenever I was feeling a bit peckish.

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Scan bran challenge day 3

6 Oct

Maybe it’s the cooler weather or the leaves changing colours on the trees – what ever it is, I’ve been thinking about apple crumble lately. So, I decided to try to see if I could make a reasonable alternative that was Slimming World friendly and that got me to eat my scan bran for the day.

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Scan bran challenge day 2

3 Oct

Today, my scan bran challenge was pretty simple. I made a batch of fake Ferrero Rochers and nibbled on them throughout the day.

Well, by ‘throughout the day,” I mean over the course of a couple of hours. They’re pretty tasty, and a good excuse for eating Nutella!

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Scan bran challenge day 1

2 Oct

Having been a Slimming World member for some time now, I was aware that scan bran was a thing. But for the most part, I was fairly certain that it was an unsavoury thing that best be kept at a distance.

For those who don’t know what scan bran is, it’s a type of Scandinavian crisp bread. It’s basically pure bran, pressed into little cracker-shapes and it looks a lot like cardboard. In fact, on its own, it tastes like cardboard too.

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11 Mar

The last couple weeks have felt like a whirlwind – I’m seriously not sure what happened to all those days.

Well, I do know what happened to some of them…

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I’m baaa-aack

26 Feb

Oooooohhhhh. I’m soooo embarassed! It has been months since I posted to this blog, and I haven’t really gotten anywhere with my weight loss journey since I stopped posting.

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Week 7 weigh in

30 May 5 tins of beans, 3 tins of tomatoes and 4 tins of tuna: this is what 10 pounds looks like

This week, I was happy to see another two-pound loss!

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