11 Mar

The last couple weeks have felt like a whirlwind – I’m seriously not sure what happened to all those days.

Well, I do know what happened to some of them…


My trusty steed – I’ve named my pink bike Bruce, after the Incredible Hulk

Last Saturday, for instance, Hubby and I went on a 14-ish mile bicycle ride along the Thames. The route took us from our home to Greenwich, with sites along the way including Woolwich Arsenal, the Thames Barrier and the O2 Arena.

The Thames Barrier

The Thames Barrier

Once we got to Greenwich, we had planned on visiting the games shop located within the market, and then have a lunch of market food. Unfortunately, the games shop, which we loved to visit has shut down since our last venture to Greenwich so we ended up just having lunch.

Now, I had planned on having a flexible syns day. I figured the long bicycle ride would help counteract the high calorie content of the market food, but I still made reasonable choices I think: a wrap from a Turkish stall, which was filled with salad, spiced lamb mince and humus, followed by half a brownie. Hubby had the larger half.

The rest of the food I had all that day was syn-free or a healthy extra, so I think I did pretty well. We took the train home from Greenwich and my poor muscles were starting to stiffen up by the time we got home.

By dinner time, I could hardly move – and I was so tired I opted for a simple dinner of low-fat Super Noodles and steamed veggies from the freezer. This is one of my favourite effort-free meals.

Low fat Super Noodles and steamed veg

Low fat Super Noodles and steamed veg: an extremely easy and syn-free meal.

Saturday was the only day all week when I hadn’t stuck to plan, so I was expecting a good result on Tuesday night. But alas, I stayed the same! I have to admit, it was a bit disappointing, particularly after such a great loss the previous week. But I also didn’t let it get me down. The body, after all, is a very strange thing.

Oh, and I was so sore on Sunday. I mean – sat on the sofa making whimpering noises sore. Deffo must get out on the bike more – because I’ll admit I was pretty pathetic. 🙂

During Tuesday’s group session, I did however win a little prize. In an effort to increase activity on our FB page, she offered a prize to the person who posted the most food pictures during the week. I was delighted to win – particularly since I’d been joking that I should earn commission for all the recipe books I’ve helped sell over the last couple months. And my prize was a fabulous little book of *more* recipes. I haven’t had a chance to really look at it yet, but what I did see when flipping through it looks fab. I’ll be sure to write about it more in the future!

Slimming World 100 Extra Easy Days book

Slimming World 100 Extra Easy Days book

This week, unfortunately, I’ve been less than angelic with the plan. My brother-in-law is visiting from Scotland and we’ve eaten out a few times. While I planned to make ‘healthy choices’ – and told my consultant I would – I haven’t. Friday we visited the Natural History Museum and I had a big bowl of pasta – to be fair to myself, it was one of the better things on the menu, but by no means SW-friendly. Later in the evening I also had a Crabbies Ginger Beer and a *gasp* calzone from Pizza Express. Hopefully being on our feet for several hours at the museum burned a few of those calories off.

I was also pretty bad yesterday, eating a burrito at lunch. Today, there was a peanut butter incident. Oh, weekends! Why are you so difficult!?

So, once again, I’m drawing a line under my eating indiscretions and starting again fresh. Also annoyingly, I haven’t done any *real* exercise this week, which means my last two weeks’ work towards my silver award has gone to waste.

No. It hasn’t gone to waste. That’s a stupid thing to say. All that exercise was great for me. I just will have to start working towards my award again from scratch.

I have to say I’m a bit worried about Tuesday’s weigh-in. I’m back to being completely on plan and even have the next few days’ of meals planned out. Hopefully I haven’t done too much damage.


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