Week 7 weigh in

30 May

This week, I was happy to see another two-pound loss!

I’d say a lot of the loss this week was down to the recent heat wave. For most of last week, dinner was just a few slices of sandwich meat and a couple of pieces of fruit. But I also managed a four mile bike ride at the weekend, and various bouts of walking – oh and I gave blood on Thursday. Does that account for weight loss? Probably not since I ate biscuits and crisps afterwards, and drank some gross fizzy concoction afterwards.

Whatever led to the weight loss, I’m not complaining. That means I’ve lost 10.5 pounds now – so I’m more than 10 per cent to my goal!

But thinking about weight in abstract terms doesn’t mean much – at least not to me. I mean, I know cats and babies weigh around that much, so I could say I’ve lost more than the weight of your average small mammal, but that was still a bit vague. So I broke out the scales and opened up the cupboard.

It turns out that 10.5 pounds is very close to five tins of beans, three tins of tomatoes and four tins of tuna. Holy moley!


After I took this photo, I stuck it all in a shopping bag and carried it around with me for a couple minutes – it was pretty heavy.

It’s hard to believe that I carried that around with me all the time – I don’t really notice that it’s gone yet… although my work trousers are a wee bit baggy.

Even scarier, though is that I have nine more sets of these to go.

That means in total, I’ll lose 50 tins of beans plus 30 tins of tomatoes and 40 tins of tuna. I’m going to have to go stand at the supermarket to get this clear in my head.


So my goal for the next two weeks is to lose another 3.5 pounds. That will get me to the 1 stone mark. I’m headed to the in-laws’ this weekend, so I hope that doesn’t throw me off too much. It also means I’ll miss Tuesday’s weigh-in.

How do you visualise your weight loss? Have you tried my method above? I’d love to see photos!


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