The importance of organisation

2 May

If there’s one thing I have learned in my dieting journey up to now, it’s how important organisation is for success.

Planning ahead, writing out detailed shopping lists that you can stick to, and preparing foods in advance are three things that I’ve noticed lead to a better result at the weekly weigh-in.

And of these things, the one thing I must do is prepare foods ahead of time during the week.

Here’s why: I hate getting up in the mornings. It’s hard enough for me to climb out of bed, eventually open my eyes and get myself in a suitable state for leaving the house without having to worry about sustenance for the day as well.

It doesn’t help that I can’t face most foods first thing in the morning. And while there’s a lovely grocery store next to my office, the only cooking facility I have is a microwave and kettle. There’s not even a place to chop veggies, unless I want to do it at my desk.

So by preparing a bunch of tupperware on Sunday with suitable food, I can generally make it through most of the working week without having a breakdown one morning as I’m running around trying to find my hairbrush.

Plus, the OCD part of me loves the way matching tupperware looks stacked up on the fridge.


I’m going to take photos this Sunday when I go on a cooking spree again, and will share my favourite lunch boxes – and breakfast boxes then.

Do you have a favourite organisation trick? How do you get ready for the week ahead? I can use all the advice I can get on this topic!


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